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Walker Yellowstone Shearling Jacket

Dive deep into the “Yellowstone” essence with the Walker Yellowstone Shearling Jacket. This piece encapsulates both modish flair and age-old tradition. Embodying Walker’s signature tough yet graceful look, the Walker Yellowstone Jacket seamlessly merges opulence and solace.


  • Material: Crafted from pure shearling, the Walker Yellowstone Jacket radiates warmth and luxury. The intrinsic richness of shearling ensures top-notch insulation, keeping the chill at bay even on the frostiest days.
  • Masterful Tailoring: Each segment of this jacket illuminates the care and exactitude put into its creation. The resilient stitches blend flawlessly into the fabric, reflecting a design that is both durable and sleek.
  • Everlasting Beige Hue: Sporting a classic beige shade, the jacket exudes an everlasting allure. It mirrors Walker’s composed demeanor and ensures adaptability, making it compatible with a plethora of outfits.
  • Collar: A defining trait of the jacket is its expansive collar, intricately designed to offer both panache and a safeguard from harsh weather. This feature channels the iconic cowboy mystique, drawing inspiration from the expansive terrains of Yellowstone.
  • Pockets: Beyond enhancing the jacket’s structured look, the pockets serve a utilitarian purpose. Spacious and practical, they are perfect for stashing away essentials while on the move.
  • Cuff & Hem: The craftsmanship is evident down to the minute details, notably the meticulously designed cuffs and hem. They snugly encase the wearer, keeping the chilly winds out, and amplifying the jacket’s visual appeal.

Versatility in Styling:

The Walker Yellowstone Jacket boasts adaptability and can transition across diverse aesthetics:

  • Countryside Sophistication: Combine it with snug jeans, a classic cowboy hat, and leather boots to resonate with the authentic Yellowstone spirit.
  • Metropolitan Allure: Match the jacket with sleek black or gray pants and a delicate turtleneck top for a cosmopolitan twist on the rustic style.
  • Lush Layering: On nippier days, layer the jacket over a dense knitted pullover or a flannel shirt to stay toasty without sacrificing style.

Guidance on Preservation:

To ensure the Walker Yellowstone Shearling Jacket remains a perennial favorite in your attire:

  • Cleaning Caution: Given shearling’s fragile nature, delegate its cleaning to expert hands. Refrain from home washing.
  • Mindful Storing: Hang it using a robust hanger to preserve its silhouette. Keep in a moisture-free spot, shielded from direct UV exposure.
  • Guarding Against Elements: If exposed to mild rain or snow, air-dry the jacket naturally. Bypass the use of direct heating devices.

Size Guide:

Selecting the correct size is crucial for your jacket to fit perfectly. To assist you, we provide a comprehensive size guide. Check below for the size guide.


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