Tristan Tate Top G Brown Fur Collar Leather Coat


  • Material: Real Leather
  • Collar: Fur Collar
  • Color : Brown
  • Inner: Soft Inner Lining
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Tristan Tate Top G Brown Fur Collar Leather Coat

Delve into the world of luxury outerwear with the Tristan Tate Top G Brown Fur Collar Leather Coat. This statement piece, designed for the man who commands presence, combines the rugged appeal of leather with the opulent warmth of fur.


  • Material: Genuine high-quality leather
  • Collar: Detachable brown fur for versatile styling
  • Closure: Zipper front closure with additional button placket
  • Pockets: Multiple zippered pockets for secure storage
  • Sleeves: Long sleeves with zippered cuffs for fit adjustment
  • Lining: Durable and warm inner lining

Elegant Design:

With a design that balances boldness and sophistication, this coat features a striking brown leather exterior that immediately captures attention. The fur collar adds a touch of elegance and provides extra warmth, creating a masculine silhouette that resonates with style connoisseurs.

Premium Material:

Crafted from high-grade leather, the coat promises to withstand the elements while offering a supple and comfortable fit. The fur collar, soft to the touch, ensures that style does not come at the expense of comfort, providing a cozy shield against cold winds.

Luxurious Warmth:

The coat’s interior is just as impressive as the exterior, with a lining that ensures warmth throughout the colder months. It allows for layering without bulkiness, ensuring a sleek profile whether you’re wearing a light sweater or a thick winter ensemble.

Functionality Meets Style:

Beyond its stunning looks, this leather coat doesn’t skimp on practicality. The multiple zippered pockets safeguard your essentials, while the zippered cuffs offer the flexibility to adjust sleeve width as needed. The detachable fur collar allows the wearer to customize the coat’s appearance to suit different occasions.

Versatility in Wear:

This leather coat transcends seasonal trends, ensuring its place as a wardrobe staple for years to come. Whether it’s worn over a formal suit or as part of a more relaxed outfit, it adapts seamlessly, making it an indispensable garment for any style-conscious individual.


Leather demands care to maintain its allure. Regular cleaning with a damp cloth and periodic conditioning keeps the leather supple. The fur collar should be handled with care, preferably by a fur specialist, to preserve its luxurious feel and appearance.

Size Guide:

Selecting the correct size is crucial for your jacket to fit perfectly. To assist you, we provide a comprehensive size guide. Check below for the size guide.


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