Thomas Delonge Angles & Airwaves Black Leather Jacket


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Thomas Delonge Angles & Airwaves Black Leather Jacket

Dive into the world of rock fashion with the Thomas Delonge Angles & Airwaves Black Leather Jacket. Inspired by the iconic frontman of the bands Blink-182 and Angels & Airwaves, this jacket offers a blend of classic leather jacket aesthetics with unique band-themed designs. It’s not just a piece of attire; it’s a statement.

Materials and Craftsmanship

Leather Quality: Made from genuine, high-quality leather, this jacket promises both durability and comfort. The leather is meticulously selected to ensure a smooth texture and a shiny finish, making it perfect for both casual outings and high-octane concert nights.

Stitching: Precision is key. Every stitch on this jacket is done with utmost care, ensuring that it not only looks seamless but also holds up against wear and tear.

Design Elements

Logo and Graphics: The jacket’s standout feature is the “LOVE” inscription on the front, rendered in bold, white lettering. Coupled with the distinctive Angels & Airwaves (AVA) logo, it adds a touch of rebellious rock spirit to the design.

American Flag Patch: On one of the sleeves, you’ll find a beautifully embroidered American flag patch. It’s a nod to the band’s American roots and adds a patriotic touch to the jacket.

Collar and Zipper: The jacket boasts a stylish stand-up collar, giving it a sleek and modern look. Complemented by a smooth-running zipper, it ensures ease of wear and adds a touch of functionality.

Comfort and Fit

Inner Lining: For those chilly nights and breezy days, the jacket is equipped with a soft inner lining. It provides extra warmth while ensuring maximum comfort, making it ideal for prolonged wear.

Fit: Designed with a modern fit in mind, the jacket hugs the body contours without being too tight. Whether you’re jumping around at a concert or just strolling down the street, this jacket ensures you look your best without compromising on comfort.


The Thomas Delonge Angles & Airwaves Black Leather Jacket is not just for die-hard fans. Its classic black hue, coupled with the trendy design elements, makes it versatile enough for various occasions. Pair it with jeans for a casual look or with tailored pants for a night out. It’s a perfect blend of rock ‘n’ roll and contemporary fashion.

Care Instructions

Leather jackets require special care to maintain their sheen and longevity. It’s advisable to avoid prolonged exposure to water and direct sunlight. For cleaning, use products specifically designed for leather. Regularly condition the jacket to keep it soft and supple.


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