Pelle Pelle White Hooded Fur Jacket


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Pelle Pelle White Hooded Fur Jacket

The White Pelle Pelle jacket with hood is made for you if you think of using fashion as a weapon of luxury. Pure white and the luxury of fur blend to give a voice to the Pelle Pelle’s fur jacket. This isn’t just about frozen winters; it’s about finding solace in a fashionable jacket. Adorned with exquisite finishing and styled for those who define luxury and really can’t hold back. Here is what you will find in this fashion statement:


  • Construction: Fashion statements are entirely based on the quality work that keeps you warm and with a high fashion look.
  • Shade: You will find this jacket in eye-catching white, which offers sophistication and flexibility.
  • Hood Detail: Neck-high fur-trim hood bought for warmth and luxury feel.
  • Rear Embellishments: The rear features a magnificent fleur-de-lis rich in studs and crystals to give a feeling of royalty.
  • Fastening: The zipper is sturdy and with a smooth texture, enabling you to slide in easily.
  • Pockets: Side pouches for those winter moments or things you always need to carry around.
  • Comfort Fit: Ribbed cuffs and lower waist for a comfortable feel and cut.
  • Size: Designed to fit well without feeling squeezed.
  • Maintenance: Professional cleaning is required to keep you looking like royalty forever.

The Pelle pelle white jacket is a shoutout to the world that you think of living life in context and style. Listening to the call: from the fur hood to the impressive rear finishing, it speaks volumes about who you are. Well, if dressed for the moment, keep in mind that you have a statement to exclaim; only if you are dressed in this fabulously designed masterpiece.


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