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Pelle Pelle Leather Bomber Jacket

The Pelle Pelle Vintage Style Bomber Jacket is a perfect combination between the traditional athletic-inspired gear, transformed into a luxurious item fit for a streetwear enthusiast. The jacket spells out prestige as it glisters in black leather with board uni lettering. Pelle Pelle is the ideal choice for anyone who enjoys the sporty aspect of the past, but the fashion sleek of the present.

Pelle Pelle Bomber Jacket Specifications:

  • Material: Made out of premium leather that provides durability and a high-quality sensation.
  • Color: The jacket is black because black goes with everything.
  • Design: It has a large ‘P’ on the front, inspired by varsity jackets from popular culture. It also contains various patches and emblems that make it unique.
  • Collar and cuffs: The jacket features the ribbed detail typical of a bomber jacket around the collar and cuffs that also allows for a better fit.
  • Pockets: It is practical with front pockets.
  • Closure: The jacket closes with a front zipper to provide versatility.
  • Carving: It has a generous fit that considers both comfort and style.
  • Sleeves: The jacket features long sleeves for better equipment and protection.
  • Maintenance: Usage of leather condition and occasional professional dry cleaning is recommended.

The Pelle Pelle black bomber jacket combines the classic silhouette of the bomber jacket with the urban feel of leather. Especially for the trendsetters, for those who want to make a statement when they are walking on the street. It has the ribbed cuffs carefully sculpted, and the varsity lettering carefully engraved on it, so this jacket is the message that you are the one that has fine taste and confidence. It is not just a jacket. It is an indication in a way that you live your life, in your style that respects the past but is made to last towards the future.


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