Men’s Akira Kaneda Cosplay Red Leather Jacket


  • Material : Geniune Leather
  • Sizes : Available in sizes Xs, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, 5XL
  • Color : Available in Red
  • Product Quality :  High Quality Leather used which is light in weight and easy to care.
  • Design Inspired : This jacket draws inspiration from the iconic look of “Akira Keneda” in the classic anime “Akira.
  • Collar : Stand-up Collar
  • Jacket Type :  Biker Jacket
  • Tailored Exclusively for you : When you order this jacket, our tailors will start stitching your jacket , all the process is 100% hand-made and under a strict quality control. There is something amazing about wearing a quality jacket that is specially made for you.
  • Delivery Time : Quick delivery through DHL/FEDEX | Delivery time in between 5 to 8 Days
  • Money Back Gurantee : We offer a 100% money-back guarantee for your peace of mind.
  • Size Guide : How to Measure Your Size check out this link  Video , it will help you out

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Men’s Akira Kaneda Cosplay Red Leather Jacket

In the world of fashion, specific attire transcends eras and fads, evolving into iconic emblems of personal expression and defiance. The Men’s Akira Kaneda Cosplay Red Leather Jacket epitomizes this category, effortlessly fusing ageless fashion with a hint of rebellion drawn from the timeless anime “Akira.” In this comprehensive overview, we will delve into every aspect of this exceptional jacket, from its high-quality specifications to the satisfaction assurance that comes with it. Explore the details of this extraordinary garment that marries classic style with a dash of defiance.



At the core of this remarkable jacket is the commitment to premium materials. Crafted from high-quality genuine leather, it offers not just a luxurious texture but also durability that ensures years of enjoyment. The result is a statement piece that exudes quality and character.


The stand-up collar stands out, infusing the jacket’s design with a touch of elegance and edge. This detail distinguishes the jacket and highlights a keen eye for style and detail.


The jacket is available in a vibrant red hue, making it a bold statement piece that captures attention. Red is the color of rebellion and passion, allowing you to make a statement wherever you go.

Design Inspiration:

This jacket draws inspiration from the iconic look of Akira Keneda in the classic anime “Akira.” It’s a tribute to the spirit of rebellion and individuality, allowing you to channel your inner hero.

Biker Jacket:

The biker jacket design is timeless and iconic, reflecting a sense of rebellion and freedom that never goes out of style. It’s a style choice that exudes confidence and character.

Tailored Exclusively for You:

What sets this jacket apart is its exclusivity. When you place an order, our skilled tailors commence the intricate process of handcrafting your jacket. Every step is meticulously executed under strict quality control, ensuring that you receive a high-quality garment tailored not just to your size but also to your unique style. It’s a piece of fashion that is truly yours.

Quick Delivery Worldwide:

We understand the excitement of receiving your purchase promptly. That’s why we entrust trusted carriers like DHL and FedEx to ensure your jacket reaches your doorstep within a mere 5 to 8 days. It’s convenience in your hands, ensuring you can enjoy your new statement piece sooner.

Money-Back Guarantee:

Rest assured with our 100% money-back guarantee, providing you with peace of mind for your purchase.

Size Guide:

Discover your perfect fit with our comprehensive size guide. Watch our helpful  Video tutorial for step-by-step instructions on measuring your size accurately. It’s your key to a perfectly tailored experience.




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