Joel Jacket The Last Of Us Part II


  • Leather material
  • front zipper
  • viscose lining
  • brown color
  • front chest two pockets
  • cozy collars
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Joel Jacket The Last Of Us Part II

Step into the shoes of the gritty survivor, Joel, from “The Last of Us Part II” with his iconic jacket. This piece transcends mere apparel, symbolizing Joel’s strength, resilience, and the burdens he carries from his past into the post-apocalyptic present.


  • Material: Crafted from premium-quality fabric that promises durability and comfort. Ideal for enduring the challenges of both a post-apocalyptic environment and the modern world.
  • Color Scheme: A warm earthy brown, capturing the essence of the wilderness and urban decay Joel traverses.
  • Closure: Features a robust front zipper complemented by reinforced buttons, combining style with functionality.
  • Collar: Designed with a classic turned-down collar, lending an old-world charm to a jacket steeped in contemporary narratives.
  • Pockets: Multiple functional pockets, located both externally and internally, perfect for storing essential items.
  • Sleeves: Extended sleeves with buttoned cuffs, offering adjustability and a snug fit.
  • Fit: A semi-fitted design that aligns perfectly with the body, ensuring ease of movement while maintaining a stylish silhouette.

Rugged Yet Refined:

Joel’s jacket embodies a design that merges rugged aesthetics with an unmistakable elegance. It stands as a testament to the man himself – battle-hardened, yet carrying a depth of emotion and gravitas beneath the surface.

A Symbol of Survival:

Donning this jacket means embodying Joel’s relentless spirit. It serves as a constant emblem of his trials, the adversities he has overcome, and the protector’s role he plays in Ellie’s life. The wear and tear, the patches, the subtle imperfections, they all narrate tales of his encounters, making it a wearable chronicle of his journey.

Modern Meets Vintage:

While deeply entrenched in the narrative of “The Last of Us Part II”, Joel’s jacket boasts a timeless appeal. Its design is such that it effortlessly blends with contemporary fashion, making a statement whether you’re navigating city streets or exploring nature’s trails.

Built for the Elements:

Tailored to resist the harshest of weather conditions, the jacket’s dense fabric and insulated lining serve as a bulwark against cold gusts and unpredictable rains, making it a versatile choice for diverse climates.

Care and Maintenance:

To ensure the jacket’s longevity, it is advisable to hand wash or opt for specialized cleaning. Direct sunlight might lead to color fading, so storing it in a cool, shaded place is recommended.


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