Ted Lasso Puffer Jacket


  • Material: Parachute
  • Inner: Soft Inner Lining
  • Closure: Front Zipper
  • Collar: Stand-Up Collar
  • Color: Navy Blue
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Ted Lasso Puffer Jacket

Introducing the Ted Lasso Puffer Jacket—a piece that expertly melds functionality with on-screen elegance. Worn by the affable football coach in the popular show “Ted Lasso,” this jacket offers a subtle nod to fanatics of the series while ensuring top-notch comfort and style.

Color and Design:

The jacket boasts a sleek, deep navy color, lending it a versatile charm suitable for various occasions. The color palette effortlessly complements different wardrobe choices, making it an essential addition to any closet. This puffer jacket’s quilted design ensures even distribution of insulation, maintaining a stylish aesthetic while promising warmth.

Specifications and Features:

  • Material: Crafted using high-grade materials, this jacket offers durability without compromising on comfort. The outer shell resists harsh weather elements, while the inner lining provides a soft touch against the skin.
  • Collar: A stand-up collar offers added protection against the cold and contributes to the jacket’s sophisticated look.
  • Front Closure: A sturdy zipper runs down the jacket’s front, ensuring easy wearability and a snug fit.
  • Pockets: Side pockets come lined and offer a cozy shelter for hands, as well as storage for essentials.
  • Fit: Tailored to perfection, this puffer jacket offers a flattering fit, ensuring mobility without appearing bulky.
  • Sleeves: Long sleeves with efficient insulation protect against chilly conditions, making it a winter essential.

Versatility in Styling:

The Ted Lasso Puffer Jacket stands out with its understated elegance, making it suitable for various outfits. Pair it with casual jeans for a relaxed look or layer it over a formal ensemble for a refined appearance. The jacket’s deep navy hue makes it adaptable to multiple color palettes, ensuring you always step out in style.

Optimal Comfort:

Every aspect of this jacket focuses on delivering unmatched comfort. The quilted design ensures even heat retention, while the soft inner lining feels plush against the skin. The jacket’s ergonomic design ensures that wearers experience warmth without feeling restrained, making it perfect for daily wear.

Care and Maintenance:

To retain the jacket’s pristine condition:

  • Washing: Opt for a gentle hand wash or a cold machine wash. Always turn the jacket inside out before washing.
  • Drying: Prefer air drying to maintain the jacket’s shape and insulation quality. Keep away from direct sunlight.
  • Ironing: If necessary, use a cool iron and avoid pressing down on the quilted sections.
  • Storage: Store in a dry place, preferably in a garment bag to prevent dust accumulation and maintain its fresh appearance.

Size Guide:

Selecting the correct size is crucial for your jacket to fit perfectly. To assist you, we provide a comprehensive size guide. Check below for the size guide.




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