Dina Jacket The Last Of Us Part II


  • Material: Corduroy Fabric
  • Inner: Viscose Lining
  • Closure: Zipper Closure
  • Collar: Shirt Style Collar
  • Cuffs: Buttoned Cuffs
  • Colour: Brown
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The Last Of Us Part II Dina Jacket

The yellow leather jacket worn by Ellie Williams in “The Last of Us” captures the essence of her character: youthful, defiant and ready to face whatever challenges the post-apocalyptic world throws her way. With its striking color and impeccable design, the Dina Jacket The Last Of Us plays an instrumental role in defining Ellie’s image in the game.


  • Material: Crafted from premium-quality leather, this jacket promises durability and resilience. The choice of leather also offers protection against harsh environmental conditions and potential threats.
  • Color: The jacket’s captivating yellow not only adds a dash of vibrancy but also embodies Ellie’s spirit of rebellion and determination.
  • Front Closure: Equipped with a sturdy zipper, the jacket ensures a snug and comfortable fit. The zipper’s design complements the jacket’s overall aesthetics.
  • Collar: A classic, rounded collar graces the jacket’s neckline. Its simple design balances out the jacket’s vibrant hue.
  • Sleeves: Fitted sleeves with zipped cuffs enhance mobility and add a touch of edgy style.
  • Pockets: Situated on the front, the pockets come with waterproof zippers, providing both functionality and a modern touch.
  • Attachments: The back of the jacket features a place to secure Ellie’s quiver, allowing her to carry her arrows with ease.

Brilliance Amidst Desolation:

The vibrant hue stands out brilliantly against the bleak landscapes of the game. The jacket’s color represents the glimmer of hope and resistance in a world of uncertainty and despair. It’s a beacon in the darkness, much like Ellie herself.

An Emblem of Endurance:

The jacket’s wear and tear, including scuffs and stains, narrate tales of Ellie’s adventures and confrontations. These marks stand as badges of honor, showcasing her strength and resilience.

Fashion Meets Functionality:

While the jacket clearly makes a style statement, its design caters to the practical needs of a survivor. The leather acts as a protective shield, the pockets store essentials, and the fit ensures agility.

Relevance in a Post-Apocalyptic Setting:

In a world where clothing choices can mean the difference between life and death, this jacket goes beyond mere aesthetics. Its design, material, and specifications cater to Ellie’s survival needs, making it a quintessential part of her journey.

Care Recommendations:

Given the jacket’s adventures, gentle cleaning and conditioning will keep the leather supple and increase its longevity. Avoiding prolonged exposure to moisture will ensure the jacket remains in prime condition.


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