Bane Distressed Hooded Fur Leather Coat


  • Material : Geniune Leather
  • Color: Brown
  • Closure: Button
  • Collar: Fur Hooded Collar
  • Inner: Soft Inner Lining
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Bane Distressed Hooded Fur Leather Coat

The Bane Distressed Hooded Fur Leather Coat is more than just an outerwear item—it’s a statement. Combining rugged charm with undeniable warmth, this coat captures the essence of classic, masculine fashion. Drawing inspiration from the notorious character “Bane” from popular culture, we designed the coat for those who wish to stand out with an edgy, yet sophisticated appearance.


1. Material: The primary material used is high-quality leather that promises durability. Over time, the leather is meant to attain a more worn-out look, enhancing the distressed vibe.

2. Fur Lining: The fur lining in the hood is made from premium-grade fur, ensuring warmth without compromising on style. It’s soft to the touch, ensuring comfort every time you put on the coat.

3. Pockets: The coat comes equipped with multiple pockets, both external and internal. The external pockets have a flap design, ensuring the safety of your belongings, while the internal pockets are perfect for smaller items like phones or wallets.

4. Size and Fit: We design the coat for a comfortable fit. However, we always recommend that you check the size chart before making a purchase.

Design Features:

1. Distressed Leather Finish: The coat boasts a beautifully distressed leather finish, giving it a vintage appeal. The wear and tear are not just aesthetic—it tells a story, adding character and depth to the coat’s appearance.

2. Hooded Detailing: One of the standout features of the coat is its hood, lined with plush fur. This not only elevates the style quotient but also offers added warmth during colder months. The hood’s luxurious fur lining provides a stark contrast to the rustic leather, making it an eye-catching element.

3. Buttoned Front: The coat features a buttoned front, which adds to its rugged charm. These buttons are not just functional but also contribute to the coat’s overall aesthetic, with their antique finish complementing the distressed look.

Care Instructions:

Leather products require special care to retain their appearance and durability. Here are some tips to maintain your Bane Distressed Hooded Fur Leather Coat:

  • Avoid exposing to sunlight for extended periods.
  • If the coat gets wet, put it in a well-ventilated area away from direct heat to dry.
  • Use a damp cloth to clean any dirt or stains.
  • For deeper cleaning, always opt for professional leather cleaning services.
  • Store in a cool, dry place, preferably hung on a wide hanger to retain its shape.

Size Guide:

Selecting the correct size is crucial for your jacket to fit perfectly. To assist you, we provide a comprehensive size guide. Check below for the size guide.




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