AFC Richmond Roy Kent Hoodie

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AFC Richmond Roy Kent Hoodie

For every “Ted Lasso” aficionado and every enthusiast of snug sportswear, the AFC Richmond Roy Kent Hoodie is an unmatched emblem of both passion and style. This AFC Richmond merch pullover hoodie, steeped in the colors and symbols of the fictional football club AFC Richmond, brings forward an attire that is as iconic as the character it represents.


  • Material: A blend of materials ensures that the hoodie offers optimal warmth and coziness. The fabric feels soft against the skin, ensuring comfort during extended wear, be it for lounging or an active day out.
  • Color: Available in grey, blue and red for multiple options.
  • Design: The hoodie boasts the iconic AFC Richmond crest prominently on its front. The majestic white silhouette of a hound stands tall, framed by rich blue and vibrant yellow. The details like ’97, the founding year, and the “AFC Richmond” banner, lend it authenticity.
  • Hood: An adjustable hood offers protection against wind and cold, ensuring your ears and head remain warm during chilly days.
  • Pouch Pocket: A spacious pocket at the front provides ample space for hands or essentials, adding to the hoodie’s functionality.

Sporting Fandom on Your Sleeve:

With this hoodie, one doesn’t merely wear a garment. They drape themselves in a story, in the highs and lows of the AFC Richmond football journey, and most crucially, in the resilient spirit of the beloved Roy Kent.

Roy Kent: More Than Just a Character:

To wear the Roy Kent hoodie is to resonate with the character’s gruff exterior and golden heart. Every thread of this hoodie reverberates with the challenges, the grit, and the undeniable talent of Roy Kent.

Why This Hoodie is a Fan’s Treasure:

  1. Statement Piece: In a sea of ordinary sportswear, this hoodie stands out, making it clear that you’re a true “Ted Lasso” and AFC Richmond supporter.
  2. All-Weather Friend: Crafted to provide warmth, it’s ideal for cold mornings, breezy evenings, or simply for those binge-watching nights.
  3. Versatile Wear: The neutral grey tone ensures that this hoodie pairs well with a variety of bottoms. Be it jeans, joggers, or shorts, the Roy Kent hoodie complements them all.
  4. Durable Craftsmanship: Made with care, this hoodie promises to be by your side, season after season, just like Roy Kent’s unwavering presence on and off the field.


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